Media Coverage

Ripley’s Believe it or Not, daily comic by John Graziano

Almost world famous Produce Artist Barry Snyder has been featured locally in the Longmont Daily Times-Call, Boulder Daily Camera, Oshkosh Daily Northwestern, cover of The Yellow Scene Magazine, Boulder Magazine, Westword, Hometown Newspapers and television’s Food Channel’s “Unwrapped”, Denver’s Channel 2 KWGN and Denver’s CBS Channel 4.

• CBS Channel 4 Denver picked up the story by featuring Barry live on the Sunday morning news. See the interview (and Barry’s work):

• KWGN Channel 2 January 27, 2008 featured Barry at work on his latest piece, Sargent Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Band.,0,6680115.story

Longmont Times-Call: Barry Snyder was featured on the Day & Night section in conjunction with his gallery showing at the Old Firehouse Gallery in Longmont, CO.

Boulder Daily Camera: Barry was covered by the Daily Camera when he was the featured artist at the Muse Gallery. This newspaper article led to the production of the TV Show “Unwrapped” on the Food Channel.

Yellow Scene Magazine: Barry was featured on the cover of the magazine as a local artist of interest.

Food Network: After being featured on the Daily Camera’s front page, a curious producer at the Food Network picked up the story and featured Barry on the show Unwrapped!


Last Sticker Party- 2002, Erie Inn, Erie CO

Longmont ArtWalk- most years

East County Studio- Tours most years

Old Firehouse Art Gallery, Longmont CO

Coming up: NCAR Gallery Showing

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