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We apologize for the cumbersome layout of the art page, but seeing that this is a free website (thanks WordPress) and the artiste doesn’t even know how to turn the computer on yet, writing code for layout on our own is clearly out of the question. Hopefully one of our kind geek friends will take pity on us soon so that we can make this page more user friendly.

Prints range from $35-$600 fullsize Giclee (unframed) and are best ordered with a good old fashioned check as you can probably guess, no credit card machine…Please give a call or send an email telling us what you are most interested in.303-828-9453,

Most original pieces have in progress photo documentation included with purchase. Some have the original inspirational advertising or whatever it was that I got the image from.

1958 Hedsel
Very Cubistic “house” in background. “The Edsel look is here to stay!”, shouted the advertising in 1958. A favorite with kids. Hedsel comes from the Edsel full of heads. The car comes full of cartoon characters with Sponge Bob behind the wheel. Children live to see how many characters they can recognize. Fun for all ages!
Prints and Original

A Head of It’s Time
My first commissioned piece-now I are a artiste! The image was borrowed from a real, genuine, bootlegged t-shirt. The partially implied words ‘Grateful Dead’ were done on purpose-see the back cover of Terrapin Station. This one makes great t-shirts for that deadhead in your life.
Prints only

Can Did Andy
Spacing in title is intentional because Andy is trapped in his own pop art phenomenon. The prints have condensed spelled wrong, but I fixed the original before framing. I was too cheap to get the disc rescanned once the spelling was fixed. Consider it a collectible boo-boo.
Prints and Original (if you can get me to part with it)

Dos Boots
This was done right after OD-ing on too much complexity with “Sorry about that Chief”. My solution was to go to a more simplistic composition. Some prints were on display at the Wyoming Visitor Center at I-25 in Cheyenne WY. Hopefully they still have some left. I am happy with the less complicated composition and think the simplicity works much better.
Prints and Original

Eat Me
This was all the Blue Monkey’s idea. It was also the artwork on his 50 year old box of hand-tied trout flies. I am very happy with the shading that occurred in the water going from light to dark, and the highlights and rainbow colors on the fish, as well as the implied motion of the air around the fly line.
Prints only

This image was made up by me and is not an iconic victim chosen for demographic appeal. I needed more work for my Old Firehouse Art Gallery exhibit so I whipped this one out in record time of 3 weeks. Is this my self portrait that all artists do?
Prints and Original

Gott Jazz?
Gott is German for God. My father wanted something for his Jazz lectures and searched his amazing album collection for a suitable piece of album cover art. Sponge Bob returns! Blue Monkey says, “What’s with all the political stickers?”. My color blind friend made sure I listened to the album while working on this piece. The original album is included with purchase of the original art. Let’s hear it for good sax!
Prints and Original

Mom & Pop Culture
Love the house siding and shingles. Love the pendant. Really love her apron. Like his shades and like faded parts of his overalls. Also proud of the effects of the directional flowing of the Del Monte stickers in his coat. Print of this were on display for the American Gothic Festival in Cedar Rapids Iowa at the Chamber of Commerce building. I love Iowa.
Prints and Original (if you can get me to part with it)

My Sticka Zappa
March 00-March 01
This is where it really came together. Depth Perspective (learned to cut the stickers out of necessity). I did Zappa’s body first so I couldn’t overlay the wall pieces to achieve foreground vs. background. This is the first time I had to deal with a sticker shortage. Turned out the shortfall stickers came from bananas at a specific convenience store in Wisconsin-Thanks Mom. Amazing how long it took me to figure out my mother was smothering her bananas in stickers! This was my first grand vision and took one year to complete because no Save Our Sticker foundation yet. I liked the background wallpaper because it allowed me to use a lot of different stickers while still maintaining a good visual structure. I also used a lot of gimmicks to fill in the wall using photos, album covers, etc. My son Nick appears between Dweezel and Ahmet Zappa (Frank’s sons) spliced in for Shampoo Horn. Again, my friend Blue Monkey (he’s been a big supporter thanks Greg), suggested a roll of toilet paper on the wall. I felt the sheets begged to be Frank;s “We’re only in it for the Money” vs. “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band”. The Zappa for President bumper sticker just happen to appear on a Volvo rear bumper in Boulder, CO at an opportune moment when I actually had a camera with me. Unfortunately the 3-D aspects have created problems with reproducing prints and having a professional frame, that I could actually afford, made for it. My same color blind friend thought that I was crazy for starting this piece and wagered that I would never get it finished. But damn it, I did and that called for the Last Sticker Party, a press release, invitations, a keg of beer, rewards for bringing me new stickers and a food menu based on Frank Zappa’s food song items. Yellow Snow cones, Brown Shoes don’t make it meatloaf, etc. This is where I stuck the last sticker on my masterpiece, and the first sticker on my next; 1950 Stickerbaker. Sold some prints, took some pictures, had fun with friends and realized maybe something was going on when complete strangers came after seeing an article in Westword.
Prints and Original (if you can get me to part with it)

John Lennon-Imagine
April 2007-April 2008
My latest piece. Perhaps my favorite now. Request to do all four, but undecided as to my plans on that yet.

Prints and Original (if you can get me to part with it)

Myron Butterfly
Taken from Iron Butterfly-this is Myron Butterfly and is paired with another piece not pictured here, titled Mary Posa.
Prints and Original

Nick’s Arm
The requisite still life/bowl of fruit. My son and I played with staging photos to compose this piece. We also toyed with a Head of Lettuce. (Pictured below.) While tracing the best photo choice for the requisite bowl of fruit, my son poked his arm across the projector (a 1940’s type-what else would a guy like me own?) and the easel to point at something and ask what it was. I said “freeze” and thus the shadow of my son’s arm was born. If you look at the border with the Dole Stickers, you might notice that Nicks arm breaks through the border symbolizing his real arm intruding into the projected image. Ahhh, the nuances!
Prints Only

Poppa Wheelie & Sun
I like my High wheel bicycles. Turn of the Century (100 years ago) type. My son is creeped out by the face, but I think it looks like the Cheshire Cat. I have Big plans on a series of Big Wheels.
Prints and Original

Sorry About that Chief
A reference to Don Addams, Get Smart-the 1960’s spy spoof. I struggled with finishing this one, and think I added way too much stuff. However I perservered, which inspired me to keep my next piece, Dos Boots, as simple as possible.
Prints and Original

My second big piece resulting from my first big Wow moment that occured with My Sticka Zappa. Having glued the sticker on at the Last Sticker Party, I was in need of stickers as the SOS Foundation had not yet been developed. I used the same technique as with Zappa, following the body contours, really quite effectively I think. Sadly, I ran out of Black Plum Purple on the left headlight with just 10 pieces needed. I drove all over Boulder County to grocery stores searching for my now pulled purple plum PLU’s. Did I learn a lesson? Yes I did!
Prints and Original

Thai Schtick
This piece comes as part of my philosophy to create pieces for all the slices of the demographic pie. Only I was able to do so with a bit of a twist. My son’s aunt lives in Thailand and every year brings me iconic Thai t-shirts. This particular one was the Harley Davidson logo spelled in Thai sanskrit. It just seemed like a natural fit and it’s fun watching people try to read the sanskrit (often times they turn it upside down, backwards in the mirror, glasses, no glasses, etc.) Cutting in all those strange letters was a lot more labor intensive than I thought!
Prints and Original

The Shadow
This is my favorite pick up truck of all time. The most fins ever-the 59 El Camino. I want a real one. Check out the flames. There are shadows in the body, and I also slipped the car’s shadow in the driveway as well.
Prints and Original

Two Migh Pop
Done as a gift card-Put your fathers picture on the bottles to personalize them.
Prints, Cards and Original

Time for Wheel Change

This piece goes to show that sometimes procrastination works out for the best. Started on May 4th, 2008 as a “matched bookend” to my Poppa Wheelie and Sun. The clock face part was intended from the get go, but still I felt something was missing. Finding the Obama/Biden sticker that fit the small wheel and their Time for Change campaign, everything fell into place just before the inaugural swearing in. Playing tribute to this historic date and time and punning their slogan all brought the final piece together. I stuck and stuck away the nights to get it done by Janaury 20, but alas my last sticker went on January 22, 2009.

It’s Fowl

This piece fills in the quacks in my portfolio.  It stared back at me for quite some time and was making me daffy.  After a while, I decided I couldn’t duck my responsibilities so I finished it on May 9th, 2012.


Prints and Original


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